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There is a popular saying that “hindsight is 20/20”, which means that when looking back on a situation, we know exactly what we should have done.

If only there was a messenger around to tell me that, right? Well, your body has just such a messenger; it’s called Leptin, and it’s a hormone that you may not know about.

Leptin essentially has just one job: to tell your brain to turn off your appetite when you get full.

It’s known as the “satiety” hormone. What’s that, you ask? Satiety simply means the satisfied feeling of being full after eating. So if we have Leptin messengers whose job it is to tell our brain that we are full, then why are we still overeating?

Leptin is actually produced in the fat cells, which means that as we accumulate fat cells, we produce more and more Leptin. The brain gets tired of receiving so many of the same messages (like when our children whine) and eventually will become Leptin resistant – unwilling to respond as much to the same message.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Seven pillars of wellness
  • Quit looking for quick fixes
  • Eight hormones for everyone
  • Inflammatory foods list (Stay away!)
  • Anti-Inflammatory foods list (Get more!)

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