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What’s the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones? The difference is the fit, so to speak.

Ever bought two identical pairs of pants or shoes and yet the fit wasn’t the same at all? One felt great and the other kind of…skritchy? Even though these examples of hormones may sound similar, the difference is in the fit.

Bio-identical hormones have an identical chemical structure as those produced naturally. They “hang” on the receptors correctly, whereas synthetic hormones do not.

At this point, an interested party might just throw hands in the air and decide not to do anything about changing hormone levels. Bad idea. Estrogen is the main, active, metabolic hormone, and it protects the heart, brain, skin and helps put minerals back in the bones.

Also, the mortality or morbidity of post-menopausal women with no hormones is 10 times those of women on hormone replacement. Lots of good reasons to understand your hormones, including estrogen.

In this episode you will discover:

  • 40-day reset plan
  • The 7 Pillars of Wellness
  • Move more, sit less
  • Bad nutrition? It’s a “hard habit to break”

Get access to our hormone course

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