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Movie Premiere + Dinner

Dec 3, 2021 at 6pm • Renaissance Hotel Tulsa

Seating is limited. Register today!

Enough fear. Let’s laugh together!

Join us for the premiere of our new comedy, “W.W.J.R.”! Your ticket includes a gourmet dinner.

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W.W.J.R. is a faith-based comedy of biblical proportions. There is no greater friend than Jesus to step up and help Laz reach his full potential with his platform, Faith Book

In the process, there are laughs galore, as Laz saves the church he grew up in and creates an app that will eventually join believers everywhere.

Accelerate towards optimal health.

Two keys to hope and health are community and encouragement. You need people in your corner cheering you on as you take steps forward. At this event:

  • We want to inspire you.
  • We want to feed you a great, healthy meal.
  • We want to help you make connections with those on the same path.


Widen your perspective by meeting others on the same journey.

Fresh Motivation

Be empowered by the successes and triumphs of people just like you.

Renewed Direction

Gain wisdom from the pros, Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood.

“The positive, genuine atmosphere is so refreshing!”
-Kim Merrill

“I love how fun and approachable the doctors are.”
-Anne Horvath

“One of the only times we’ve ever been to a health event where the food was actually great!”
-Greg Perry

“The event is always very encouraging to me to stay on track and stand firm.”
-Linda Talley

What Attendees Are Saying

Join us in restoring hope in health around the world.

Years Changing Lives

Patients Worldwide

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Anything holding you back?

When saying yes to this event, you might have to say no to something else. But don’t let the fear of missing out keep you from an event that will equip you to win in life.

You’ll get your own seat at a roomy table seated next to people who are on the same journey as you. We even provide discussion questions to get the conversation started.

Dinner is free to you, but we’re not cutting any corners. You and your guests will enjoy the meal and walk away surprised that eating healthy could taste so good.

Night of


December 3, 2021
6:00 – 8:00pm

Renaissance Hotel Tulsa


Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood

Mark was given up for adoption at birth. As a kid, he was often made fun of for being chubby and shy. Instead of letting these things define his life, he used them as fuel to achieve great things.

Mark became a bodybuilding champion and played professional baseball. He logged 24 years in the Tulsa police department, including over a decade on the SWAT Team, and then retired as a sergeant.

Mark is now an author and motivational speaker, carrying his message of wellness around the globe.

Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood

Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood

Michele was given up for adoption at birth. Her family was poor, she struggled through school with dyslexia, but never let it any of this stop her.

On her way to the Olympics, Michele suffered a knee injury that ended her career. Although devastating, she diverted her energy to new things.

She went back to school, graduated at the top of her medical class and became a doctor of osteopathy. She opened a private practice, Functional Medical Institute, which continues to grow and thrive today.

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