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Inked Obsession

By Carrie Ann Ryan

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance
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The Montgomery Ink saga from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a second chance romance sure to tug at your heartstrings.

When men in uniform showed up on Eliza Wilder-Strong’s doorstep, she knew her life would be irrevocably altered. She not only lost her husband, but the future she’d carefully planned. A year later, she’s looking to start over—beginning with a solo healing vacation. Only she never expects to see a familiar, tempting face along the way.

Beckett Montgomery refuses to want his little sister’s best friend—especially because she’s a widow. Yet there’s no stopping the connection between them. As the temptation to give in intensifies between them, so do the reasons they shouldn’t stay together.

Painful ghosts from both of their pasts stand in their way and sometimes it’s the living that can haunt you when you’re not looking.


  • Amazing read

    By Katrina Mcmurtry
    I absolutely loved this book ! Beckett and Eliza are so perfect for each other even when they weren’t meant for one another. Eliza‘s husband has passed away and she’s picking herself up trying to move on. It’s now been one year and even now when she sees Beckett there’s always that spark but he’s her best friends brother so she’s never let herself even think of what the possibilities could be with him until now! Beckett has always wanted Eliza even when she was married to their friend he still had feelings for her because it was his little sister‘s best friend and of course she’s been married he never let himself think of the possibilities of what they could be together. Now all that has changed the chemistry between them is undeniable !!!!!
  • It was ok

    By Fine pumpkin 511
    It wasn’t one of my favorite Carrie Anne books but it wasn’t bad. I really connected with Eliza and was touched by her story. I liked Beckett but the secret about him getting hurt wasn’t that big a deal for it to drag on as long as it did. I liked that the siblings and previous characters from previous stories were included in the book. Until next time y’all happy reading.
  • Friendly to Friendlier: Eliza & Beckett

    By girlygirlmegs
    Our Montgomery story picks up a few months after the end of Inked Persuasion. Eliza is figuring out how to navigate her “new normal” without her husband, how to find her footing, and how to be herself again. Beckett is trying to lead in the family business all the while keeping a secret from everyone that is starting to effect his psyche and relationships. Beckett and Eliza leave to go on vacations recommended by their framily and end up at the same resort where things really start developing between these two. They are able to open up to each other and then explore their underlying attraction. The question is: can they make it last past a vacation fling when real life family and friends can meddle? This is a good story with quite a few twists I did not see coming.
  • Forbidden romance, friends to lovers…

    By Contessajj
    How long does a widow mourn before she moves on? I love that Carrie Ann’s books take on emotions most of us would rather hide away. Both Eliza and Beckett have wounds that can’t be seen but are deeply felt. Getting this tale from dual POVs gives us so much insight into their thinking and really ramps up the angst. The close knit Montgomery family provides a wealth of feels as they support our couple, and you can see the future tales building. I bet we get more of the Wilders too, hopefully. This falling in love story captured my heart and is a lovely heartfelt read.