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Fatal Diversion

By Stephanie St. Klaire

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance, Fiction & Literature, Action & Adventure, Mysteries & Thrillers
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Unapologetic salt of the earth war hero Ransom Wyatt will stop at nothing to get what he wants and this time...it’s Dillon Stone.

Feisty beauty Dillon is immune to his charm, and completely unimpressed by the big White House Ransom lives in, and his title...President of the United States.

It isn’t until the couple finds themselves caught in the crosshairs of something sinister that she falls for the alpha behind the suit who tries to protect her, but it’s quickly revealed that the weak link in security is bigger than anyone could have imagined and lives are on the line.

Someone wants the President dead, but the real question is...who is Dillon Stone, and what does she know?


  • More keepers, please

    By yosuarez
    I totally devoured this book! What are the chances a spin-off series is better than the original? I’d say the stakes are high, the Keepers are giving their bosses a run for their money! Dillon and Ransom are simply amazing. Their story is passionate and sweet but full of twists and turns. The intrigue complimented the story beautifully and can’t wait til the next one to find out more! Anxiously waiting on Eli’s book.
  • Love the engaging characters & suspense!

    By Pam50627
    Ms. St. Klaire is a master at writing romance suspense. Every time I think I’ve figured out “whodunit” I’m proven wrong. Her characters are so well developed they engage our emotions right away. This engagement keeps you reading feverishly. I have to make sure I have time to finish the book before I ever start opening it. I’ve had way too many late nights & early mornings reading because I can’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next book in the series! These books can be read as a stand alone but I really feel you would miss out on the relationships between the characters & how they all relate if you don’t start from Book 1.
  • Heart Pounding!!

    By Jbean168
    Ms. St. Klaire really knows how to keep a reader on her/his toes. There are major twists and turns that will keep you guessing ‘till the end. The chemistry between Ransom and Dillion was off the charts. I especially like the way they pushed each others buttons, that was fun. All romantic suspense fans will not be disappointed.