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Fork Your Diet

The Narrow Road

Daily Infusions of Hope

These daily devotionals are for you. And they’re also an expression of our daily steps and struggles as we follow God.

Rather than a book full of teachings, you’ll discover that we simply share our thoughts and challenges along the way, with reminders about the Truth of God’s Word.

These readings cover many topics and themes, including spiritual health, mental health, and physical health. But all will help you follow God closely (even if imperfectly) on the narrow path that leads to Life.

Fork Your Diet

Surviving the Garden of Eatin’

Surprising Biblical Insights to Enjoy Optimal Wellness

When it comes to improving health, what’s an essential component most people overlook?

It’s not exercise, or water – or even kale! You might be surprised to learn that faith is the most overlooked ingredient. 

Profound insights that will change the way you view your Creator, yourself, and your health!

Pastor Matthew Barnett

The Dream Center

An eye-opening and encouraging book that will change your approach to health! Read and digest this book.

Dr. Steve Riggle

President, Grace International

The Quest for Wellness - Mark Sherwood

The Quest for Wellness

This book is a guided journey where the destination is a restored life filled with more energy, strength, focus, and peace…a life you used to know and enjoy when you were younger.

Take charge of your own health and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

In this book you’ll find a valuable diet and exercise plan, but you’ll also learn how things like keeping the right mindset and connecting with others foster wellness at a whole different level.
JJ Virgin

Best-Selling Author

Fork Your Diet

Fork Your Diet Book

Master the 4 Fundamentals of Good Health
There are many promoted paths to wellness. But only one leads to continual success.

Maybe you’ve tried one of the many routes that start with exercise and diet. And maybe you’ve failed—even after temporary success. We invite you try a different path.

I hope this book inspires you as much as it did me. It is a must for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of a healthy life.

Jim Inhofe

United States Senator

Drs. Mark and Michele provide patients with knowledge and tools that are easy to understand and implement, so they can live well and live longer.

Dr. Marc S. Penn, M.D., Ph.D., FACC

Co-Founder, Cleveland HeartLab

Mark and Michele Sherwood

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