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​Sulforaphane is a powerful nutrient. Research is showing that it helps protect your body from cancer and even viruses (like COVID-19).

The best part of it is, you find it in dark green vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts​.

Dr. Christine Houghton (sulforaphane expert) joins Dr. Mark Sherwood in this episode to reveal how to activate your cellular defenses with sulforaphane.

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About Our Guest: Dr. Christine Houghton

Dr. Christine Houghton holds a PhD in Nutrigenomics and a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland as well as a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria. She is a registered Nutritionist and Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Science at the University of Queensland. Following 3 decades as a private practice Nutritionist, Christine founded the Brisbane company, Cell-Logic which researches and manufactures nutrigenomic ingredients for clinical application. The company’s primary focus is on the research and development of sulforaphane, a broccoli sprout-derived bioactive phytochemical that targets the upstream causes of disease. The company also uses this ingredient to develop evidence-based nutrigenomically-active encapsulated formulations for clinician prescribing. Christine has authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific papers together with “Switched On – Harnessing the Power of Nutrigenomics to Optimize Your Health”, a book she wrote as a way to introduce the complexities of nutrigenomics to patients whose clinicians have prescribed these formulations. She is an engaging speaker whose evidence-supported presentations may challenge accepted but often-outdated paradigms. Christine’s forte lies in taking complex biochemical concepts and translating their essence so that they are relevant to practicing clinicians and their patients. Christine is a regular presenter at nutrition, scientific and medical conferences around the world.

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