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Former MLB player, Jack Howell, wishes that he had a little nutrition know-how with all the weight training years ago. But now he does, thanks to Dr. Mark Sherwood, and all the other coaches want to know what he was doing to look better.

Now, we aren’t talking about weight necessarily, but HEALTH. He looks younger and healthier.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • He is most remembered for his “broken-bat home run” (It’s worth looking up on Google.)
  • He’s worked hard to remain humble his whole life
  • What the lesson is in the book “The Compound Effect”
  • “There’s a 10 for 10 right around the corner!”

Jack says you have to know yourself and what works for you. If you are not supplementing and making healthy choices, you are sliding downhill. Don’t let yourself slide into a deficit.

“There’s a 10 for 10 right around the corner. Stay the course.”

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Meet Jack Howell

It’s one thing to dream of the Major Leagues, another to get there. Still another to STAY there for over 10 years.

Meet Jack Howell. When you dream of the Major Leagues in high school, but graduate as a 5’4, 135-pound guy, most people would give up that dream. Jack Howell is NOT “most people.” After taking a little over a year off, and working out extensively, he tried out again. This time, he was a 6’, 195-pound athlete. Talk about a late bloomer!

What is he up to now? He’s training his neighbors! He moved back to Tucson, where he grew up, and wound up in the same neighborhood as an old friend of his. After meeting again and taking a tour of the friend’s house, Jack discovered that his friend had a complete indoor gym and that no one had even been in that room for four or five years.

Jack looked like he was in good shape, so the friend asks Jack to come and train he and his wife. Now that room is getting a workout, and so are the people in it!

Jack Howell’s Biography

Jack Robert Howell is an American former professional baseball third baseman. He made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut on May 20, 1985, with the California Angels, and played his final game on July 17, 1999, with the Houston Astros.
He was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He attended the University of Arizona, where he played baseball for the Arizona Wildcats.

Howell played for three different MLB teams during his professional career. He started with the California Angels where he averaged hitting 20 home runs per season until being traded to the San Diego Padres.

Howell next played Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), and was a member of the Yakult Swallows (1992–1994), as well as the Yomiuri Giants (1995). He won the Central League Most Valuable Player award in 1992, when he led the league in home runs and batting average.

Former MLB player, Jack Howell, joins Dr. Mark Sherwood in this episode to discuss, from an athlete’s perspective, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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