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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? THAT is the question.

First, have the courage to think for yourself. Understand that these vaccines are a completely new type. They are called messenger vaccines – messenger RNA, or mRNA.

What is RNA?

It stands for Ribonucleic acid and is similar to DNA, except RNA is single-stranded. This is an entirely new TYPE of vaccine.

A typical flu vaccine injects a piece of flu into someone in order to stimulate a reaction in that person’s immune system. A messenger RNA vaccine works in a completely different way. Genetic material that comes from a non-human source is “transfected” (in simpler terms, transferred) into our cells, interacts with our cells and then makes a substance that will (hopefully) teach our body how to destroy the virus.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde – oh my!
  • Our buddies, the antibodies
  • Infected vs. Affected
  • mRNA: Fragile, handle with care
  • What’s IN the vaccine? (We can’t find out either.)

We mentioned that the mRNA strand is very delicate – prone to destruction – so it must be “cloaked” as it is injected. The purpose of the cloak is to hide it from our immune system, which would normally fight any foreign substance in us.

The danger in this is that because these are newly created proteins, and not regulated by our DNA, there is no way to know what they will actually do or not do, maintain or not maintain, now and in the future. There are no long-term studies done, and no way to predict what damage may be done in the process.

Also, because viruses mutate and produce new strains, the chance for any vaccine to work for more than a year is unlikely.

Each person will need to make their own decision, and carefully weigh the risks vs. benefits. In our clinic, every person that we have dealt with has done very well on natural therapies to optimize function – whole body in general. In our belief, God created the body in His own image. Every system in the body – including the immune system.

Human beings are the only ones made in his image. Jesus did not spend his time on earth worrying about being sick.

Never put human science above the AUTHOR of science. -Dr. Mark Sherwood


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