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Despite her many accolades, Dr. Barbara Lowe has “been through” a lot. Parents who did not want her. A life consumed by eating disorders and substance abuse. Relatives in the drug trade who threatened her, and a mother who kicked her out in a drunken rage.

Despite such a rough beginning, she went on to help countless people overcome addictions and trauma, and turn their lives around.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • Where trauma hides in the body
  • Foreground and background
  • Rage: not the power you want
  • How to be like Gideon
  • Trials bring up the basement of your heart

With so many personal tragedies to overcome, it is not surprising that Dr. Barbara Lowe has such empathy for her clients. When God told her right out of high school that he wanted her to go to school, become an expert to the degree that other “experts” would come to her for advice, she couldn’t believe it. Possibly because she had barely graduated high school.

She teases that she is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”, but was valedictorian out of a class of over 7,000. She gives full credit to God for becoming the stronghold in her life.

Here is how she puts it: “As a Licensed Psychologist, I know that none of us are given a life free of pain and suffering, and I am no exception to this rule. Challenges and scars are what make us human, but with hard work, the right tools, faith, and unconditional love pushing us forward, we can turn our challenges into positive change, and turn our scars into superpowers.

When I discovered that I could turn my broken times into tools for living a whole life, I knew that I could no longer be content letting other women stay in the shadows of their own pain. I knew that my life’s work was to bring those women into the light so that they could embrace their fully fabulous and beautifully flawed selves.”

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“Don’t be afraid to come out of a past that you DON’T want, to embrace a future that you DO want.”

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