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Why is it when we think about change, it’s always with someone else in mind?

Wives want their husbands to change and husbands hope their wives WON’T change! We want our children to do better in school, be homecoming queen or captain of the football team.

We have a certain idea or opinion in mind about every person in our lives, but we are the only ones we can change.

Of course, each of us also have blind spots that we are unable to see by ourselves. That’s where – having or building – trusted counsel comes into your life. Friends as well as professionals who will be honest with you and speak into your life.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Kinesiology? What’s that?
  • 92% vs. 8%
  • What IS an Executive Coach?
  • Infector proteins
  • The science of re-wiring your brain

Speaking of science, there are now studies and a deeper understanding of exactly how neurological change happens in the brain. When someone is in a heated argument, or when a toxic person regularly “unloads” on you, you are transforming in a negative way.

However, when you separate from the toxicity, you begin to build new neurological pathways. You are, in effect, re-wiring your brain.

Meet Ron Kardashian

Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Fitness Expert and Total Life Solutionist, Ron Kardashian has a passion for helping others. His ability to listen to the needs of others is backed both by his in-depth knowledge of human psychology and physiology, and has given him the ability to easily equip others with the specific tools necessary to live impactful, fruitful and on-point lives. You can read his books, Getting in Shape God’s Way, and 30 Second Solution, or visit his website:

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