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It’s not often that you hear a former professional football player say that he is in much better shape NOW than he was in the NFL. That is exactly what Lofa Tatupu, formerly playing for the Seattle Seahawks, IS saying.

In six seasons, he had 10 surgeries and over 15 documented concussions. Playing football is a little rough on the body.

When his father died, it was discovered later that he had both early-onset Parkinson’s, and CTE – (which is essentially chronic head trauma.) His father had also played for many years in the NFL, and that’s when Lofa started to worry about himself more. And for good reason.

Whenever he would come out of a concussion, there was short-term memory loss, attention problems, lack of focus and general cognitive deficits. He also had inflammation, sleep apnea, vision issues and a host of other complaints. And this was all in his late 20’s.

When you have a dream and you work for it and live it for years and years and it’s suddenly gone, your heart gets ripped out. It affects everything you are or can be. It causes you to sink into a “funk” or depression. How do you get out of that? Find out in this episode.

In this episode you will discover:

  • From depression and anxiety to “I got this!”
  • Passion, purpose and mission
  • Being in the zone
  • Great sleep; don’t knock it!
  • Quality CBD: Back to balance

Meet Lofa Tatupu

Lofa Tatupu is a former football linebacker who played six seasons in the NFL. In his first three seasons, he led the Seahawks in tackles. He was voted to the Pro Bowl for the first three years of his NFL career. As he puts it:

“For most of my life, I focused on one thing: football. Years of hard work led to a career in the NFL as a professional linebacker. Football taught me about teamwork, competition, and most importantly, my health. When I retired from the NFL, I was excited about the next chapter of my life, but my mind and body needed recovery. Injuries, concussions and surgeries took a toll on my mental, physical, and emotional health. Fortunately, I came across CBD. Within days of taking it, noticeable changes had occurred. Positive changes! I gained mental clarity, moved without pain, and slept better than I had in years. My mind and body were back in sync.”

Connect with Lofa at

“Aim higher. Feel better. Zone In.”

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