Ever notice how your eyesight tends to change over time? What was once clear and sharp can get a little cloudy or fuzzy a few years later.

Our lives can be like that as well. When we are young, we might have a clear and definite picture of what we want to do, and what our purpose in life is. Pretty soon, enough expected (and unexpected) changes occur that we are left not knowing what our purpose is. Like a kaleidoscope, the picture tilts and shifts until we can’t recognize the result anymore.

Most people let their ideas die. Don’t be those people! Instead, let someone draw out of you what God has put in you.

You need to be able to move forward with what you have. Jesus didn’t multiply the loaves and fish until he HAD some loaves and fish!

In this episode you will discover:

  • Believe / Conceive / Achieve
  • OAXIS Entertainment – Family friendly
  • Who is referred to as “The Compassionate Hulk”
  • Mad Hustle
  • Healing Journeys Today

Butch Hartman has been working in the entertainment industry for 32 years. The last 20 years were spent at Nickelodeon, where he created some of the most memorable animated shows of all time: The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom. He’s animated, illustrated, produced, written, directed and executive-produced numerous projects over the years, and he loves entertaining families. Along with his wife, Julieann, they have now set their sites on OAXIS Entertainment – a 24/7 streaming entertainment platform with a mission to re-connect families and bring them back together. The name comes from two different words: Oasis, meaning place of safety, and Axis, meaning point of strength. Strength and safety in entertainment.

Julieann Hartman has had many careers in her life: she’s been an actress, executive producer, material supervisor on the game show Jeopardy, Tae Bo instructor/fitness trainer, personal assistant, director and producer. She and her husband have spent many years together mentoring and consulting with entrepreneurs and couples to bring forth vision and successful business strategies. Julieann also has a powerful healing testimony and now has a Youtube channel, “Healing Journeys Today” with live stories 7 days a week.

Go to www.healingjourneys.com for more information.

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