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Today, healthcare is led by big corporations whose primary concern is how to make money… and money is made off of sick people, not healthy ones.

Doctors are trained to prescribe medication or surgeries instead of helping patients change their lifestyle. You know the drill. We barely get 5 minutes with them, and it’s all about what prescription we need and when they will schedule our next appointment.

If you don’t have an understanding of how your body works, you are kind of in a place of slavery – meaning someone else is going to make decisions for you.

Dr. Charles Webb joins us in this episode to explain that, if we really want to help people live well, lifestyle comes first.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Adding significance
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Freedom Practice
  • Doing it “My WAAAY!”
  • Change isn’t hard, it’s just different

Meet Dr. Charles Webb

The vision for Freedom Practice Coaching started when Dr. Charles Webb discovered a practice model that allowed him to spend more 1-on-1 time with his patients, consistently experiencing better patient outcomes, and enjoy higher profits – all on a 4-day work week, leaving plenty of options for family time. Always a doctor at heart, Charles understands the challenges that practitioners face more than anyone else. After discovering a practice model that was 10x better for both patients and practitioners, he transitioned from helping patients to helping doctors. Helping them BE more, instead of DOING more.

John Maxwell said, “Adding value to yourself is called success; adding value to someone else is called significance.” If we empower people to take care of themselves, they are better emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually – they will have more peace, more joy…

Dr. Webb wants to add significance to doctors in any field, so that they will play a role in empowering our communities. Doctors are supposed to teach. “How can I call myself a doctor if I can’t transfer the information that I have in a way that can help them?” You can connect with Dr. Webb at

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