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Melissa Tate has a unique perspective. She came to the United States from Zimbabwe when she was 19. By age 27, she had her own business that was bringing in 7 figures and had multiple employees. She was “living the dream.”

Then she started noticing the same kind of ideologies that collapsed her home country were starting to take root in America. Her friends and family were “parroting” the rhetoric of white supremacy that they were hearing from the media. She became frustrated.

How do you divide and conquer a country? One way is to convince one group of people that they have no chance to succeed because a certain “system” is in place against them.

If you can’t get the adults to believe this, go after the children. That’s exactly what is happening now, in our school systems. People who know better are afraid to let their voices be heard.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Choice privilege, not “white” privilege
  • What I learned from my son’s preschool
  • Standing against “divide and conquer”
  • 70 billion percent inflation
  • Identity crisis: no national cohesion

Meet Melissa Tate

Melissa Tate has written a book that everyone needs to read: Choice Privilege. Melissa says, “the ‘White Privilege’ fallacy and critical race theory are being used to divide and conquer America from within. Black people are being told their skin color is an impediment to keep them from progressing.” “My destiny has never been pre-determined by my skin color. It is being shaped by the choices I make daily, good and bad.” You can follow Melissa on most social platforms with the handle “therightmelissa” or go to

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